You've never missed your chance


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course: BA (Hons) Criminology
Category: Law, crime and investigation

21 February 2020

I applied for university five months after the UCAS deadline and so I felt it was a miracle that I got my place. But as it turns out, you've never missed your chance.

After studying at sixth-form my aim never was to progress to university. I am a very family-orientated person and so moving away for a few years was never something I thought about. Luckily, Cambridge isn’t too far so I chose to commute.

I wasn’t sure if I was ready for such a big commitment like university – I didn’t want to become too overpowered with work especially if it was work I didn’t enjoy or find interesting.

I also couldn’t decide what I wanted to study in my further education. I always had a slight idea about what career I wanted to pursue but I enjoy doing so many things. I wanted something that was hands on and hard work, yet enjoyable with an element of something creative.

First I thought about photography, because I’ve always loved this – but decided that was better kept as a hobby. Then I thought: what do I really like learning about? That’s when I realised criminology has always piqued my interest. I am fascinated in what influences individuals to commit crimes and what influences them to commit a specific type of crime – whether that be murder, fraud, GBH or theft. I feel that there is something psychological behind why people choose to commit a crime; choosing to study criminology allows me to explore this.

My first trimester at ARU was intense but so amazing! It's really set in stone that ARU was the best choice I made. I loved my first trimester for many reasons; of course the modules were very exciting, but also the lecturers and tutors are incredible. To top it off, I have met the most amazing friends on my course. I joined Criminology not knowing anybody and within the first couple of days I had become such good friends with a few people, and we’ve stuck together through the whole of the first trimester. We all work well together which is a benefit when doing group work.

I adored my modules this first trimester. For example this included learning about crime in the news and applying skills to working in the criminal justice system. But my favourite by far was learning the history of crime and how crime used to be controlled and prevented – it is shocking to look at the journey and changes that prevention and punishment has been on from the 1700s right up until modern day.

Stay tuned for more blogs as I continue to study at ARU. I can’t wait to see what Trimester 2 has in store!



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