Wrapping up for Christmas

Saeran Rowland

Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Creative Industries
Category: Staff

15 December 2017

Image of Christmas tree with pink tinsel and blue baubles

Christmas is fast approaching, and as an insanely festive person, I hope I haven’t annoyed my colleagues too much with my excitement.

I have tried to tone it down, and to a large extent I’ve been successful (I haven’t been humming Christmas songs under my breath or mentioning Christmas in every other sentence as far as I’m aware, although I can’t deny the occasional festive jumper has been worn).

It has still been rather hectic at the theatre, with preparations for next season fully underway. Part of these preparations involved assisting in compiling all the information for our next WHAT’S ON ARTS brochure, which was interesting to do and I also found that seeing it all start to come together has been very rewarding. We have had new flyers and posters coming in for next season, and we have also begun to put some of these shows on sale (giving me a chance to become more familiar with the admin side of the Spektrix system). We have had numerous shows at the theatre this month, all of which have been festive in one way or another, adding to my building excitement. Needless to say that when the time came to put up the decorations around the theatre I was more than happy to get stuck in, and even contributed some little decorations of my own (you can’t beat DIY snowflakes!).

A festive decorated box office with someone sat at the desk

My excitement for Christmas is also partnered with anticipation for my further development as a graduate trainee in the New Year. So far I have built my confidence with the Box Office side of things especially, and I’m still developing my confidence and learning a lot on the marketing and finance side of things, which I will continue to do next year.

That being said, I am also eager to develop and learn new skills in other areas of the theatre and gallery work, which is why I look forward to switching things up a gear in the New Year (providing my brain can keep up). I know there is a range of new things that I will be learning. I will hopefully be getting hands-on experience with taking down and installing exhibitions in the Ruskin Gallery, helping with the maintenance of the theatre, and learning more on the admin/marketing side of things, all of which may be challenging but I will hopefully be able to rise to the challenge. Here’s to a New Year learning lots of new things!


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