Why student midwives need ONE MILLION black pens


Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Nursing and Midwifery
Course: BSc (Hons) Midwifery
Category: Student Ambassador

13 April 2017

Here are the essentials that I can’t be without as a midwifery student - and, yes, you’ll need a million black pens.

SHOES – These generally have to be closed-toe, black and easy to clean. The majority of students wear Clarks ‘Un Loops’ – you won’t win any fashion shows but they’re super comfy.

BOOKS – No books are essential, as when you start Uni they’re all available either in the library or online. If you do have some free time before starting Uni, you could buy an anatomy and physiology book such as Myles or Mayes to get prepared for the first few weeks. Alternatively, you could enjoy your last few weeks/months of freedom before the craziness of a midwifery degree begins.

BAG – We all love an excuse to buy a new bag! For Uni and placement I suggest one that will hold your practice assessment documents (slightly bigger than A4).

STATIONERY – 1 x pack of coloured pens for making revision notes pretty and 1,000,000 black pens, you will start a shift with 5 and finish with 0… I have no idea where they go! You’ll need a diary - lots of students use the ‘Happy Planner Company’ as they are made specifically for midwives but I have a cheap and cheerful ‘week to view’ diary from Amazon.

EQUIPMENT – You don’t need to buy a stethoscope as they have them on the wards. You will need a fob watch and you can find these in lots of funky styles online.

TOILETRIES – Delivery rooms get super hot so you may want to keep a small pot of perfume or deodorant in your bag so you can have a little spruce up on your break. I also keep some mouthwash and a hairbrush in my bag for when you return from your night shift sleep.

LUNCH – You will need a lunch box or bag suitable for both Uni and placement. Invest in a decent water bottle that can hold a large volume. If the Trust you are placed in allows drinks in the delivery room, having that bottle can be invaluable.

Hope this helps!



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