What to take to university


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Vision and Hearing Sciences
Course: Optometry BOptm (Hons)
Category: Vision and hearing sciences

6 September 2018

If it is your first time going to university this September, you’re probably going to spend few weeks wondering what to bring with you. Here's the checklist I used.

I've listed essentials first and optional things afterwards. I would say: aim to travel light and don't bring expensive stuff. You may move into a small room with limited space, so you may not have a lot of space for any unnecessary things. Take a look at this, it may save you a lot of time!

I haven't mentioned any bedding, kitchen, bathroom or laundry items as these are bulky and heavy. You'll easily find duvets, saucepans, towels, etc at the big supermarkets. So you can buy these items when you arrive.

Important documents

  • Valid passport and/or driving licence
  • Visa (international students only)
  • National Insurance card
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)
  • Accommodation contract
  • Student loan documents
  • Scholarship or bursary letters
  • Insurance documents
  • Bank details and bank card
  • Passport photos 
  • Enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) if relevant


  • Laptop and charger
  • External hard disc - you can’t imagine how many notes you will have and it's useful for backing up important assignments
  • USB
  • Cable adapter
  • Power extension lead


  • Basic first aid - plasters, pain relief tablets, allergy tablets etc
  • Details of current GP
  • Personal medications/prescriptions



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