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16 August 2017

Image of Dr James Johnstone, Head of Department for Sports and Exercise Sciences in a grey shirt

Hi, my name is James Johnstone and I’m the Head of Department for Sport and Exercise Sciences. There’s so much to get involved with over Welcome Week that it can seem overwhelming, but let me walk you through what’s on offer and the events you really must attend.

Day one

On your first day you’ll be taken through key course details, meet your tutors and discover our Compass House home (the building you will be primarily based in). You will find out who your personal tutor is and work with them for most of the morning. In the afternoon we’ll head on to the main campus to get to know what wider support and services you can access. 

Being part of Anglia Ruskin University is more than your course. You’ll have access to the whole institution and that afternoon will identify aspects which you will need to know about and will probably use. At the end of the day, we will decamp to the local pub where you can unwind or plan an evening with your new course mates.

Day two

Your second day (Thursday 21 September) starts at Compass House at 9.30am. You will start off with personal tutors, and then be taken to an off-site location to continue learning about the course and getting to know your course mates. We will cover some of the essential course structure and week 1 'must knows' before moving on to complete some challenging team tasks which will allow you to get to know and work more effectively with your peers. The day will be active and outdoors, so check the weather and dress appropriately. You will need some money to buy lunch and/or bring some snacks/drinks to keep you refuelled over the day. 

Part of the day will be continuing to get to know your fellow students, while other sections of the day will provide opportunities for your personal tutor to set you up for hitting the ground running as semester starts the following week. 

We will get back to Cambridge in the afternoon and you’ll get a well-deserved rest in one of the local cafes or bars and plan a meet-up time with your fellow students to attend Freshers' Fair on Friday 22nd.

Freshers' Fair

Freshers' Fair is an opportunity to join the Students' Union clubs and societies. We strongly encourage you to join the Sport Society which will run a number of events over the year and will get you to mix with other year groups on the sport courses. Obviously you may want to join a sport team – this is the day to get involved in this, signing up for training or trials. There will be opportunities for all levels of performance. There is a great tradition of sport and exercise students playing, coaching and training our student teams. Do not miss the chance to be part of this.

These two course/department focussed days are full ones, but essential and not optional. The Freshers' Fair is a drop-in event. Over Welcome Week there are other activities run by the SU which you can participate in if you wish to. Overall, if you engage with the week you will have a great time, there are lots of opportunities to ask questions and during the department days, there will be some prizes to incentivise groups who excel at some tasks! Most importantly, by the end of the week you will be clear as to the first day of teaching, the wider university set-up and more confident around your peers… ready to start on your course.


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