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10 October 2017

Some exciting news from RIDO this week, as we announce the publication of this year's Research and Innovation Highlights magazine.

It's a fantastic update on the latest research and innovation projects at ARU, compiled over the last 12 months. If your work is featured in Highlights, whole new audiences are opened up to you. The magazine is sent to local governments and LEPs and local businesses, as well as being dispersed throughout our campuses.

More importantly for our researchers, Highlights can be your resource for learning about what's going on at ARU. We know it's hard to get out of your own departments and faculties, but finding the right collaborator for your next big project could be as easy walking up East Road... as long as you know who to talk to. Find yourself a copy of Highlights and learn about the exciting work going on all around us: if you're interested in our ageing population, read about the Silver Economy Accerlerating Strategy 2 Grow (SEAS2Grow) project; find out about our funding from the European Regional Development Fund and how we support local innovation; and learn about our cutting-edge work in migration research.

There are loads of interesting stories in this year's Highlights, any one of which could inspire your next funding bid, your next project, or just an interesting chat with an ARU colleague.

Copies are available within your faculty: talk to your faculty business development team to get hold of one. Alternatively, it's available online for you to read any time.

If you are interesting in talking about the magazine itself, or if you think you could be featured in a future edition, please talk to RIDO's Marketing and Communications Manager, Alex Foster.


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