#TuesdayTip: sit on a grant assessment panel

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18 April 2017

If you're looking for a guaranteed way to become personally known to a funder, you could do worse than sit on their assessment panel.

As a panel member, you would have the chance to talk to their representatives at every meeting, and have those useful, one-to-one chats that occur so rarely. You also get the chance to network with your fellow panel members, spreading your reputation to pastures new, especially when panels include people from outside academic research. Finally, and crucially, you also get a chance to closely review cutting-edge proposals, and learn about the new directions in which your field is developing.

How do you become a panel member? There are a few good tips to follow to increase your chances.

  • Attend every event! If your funder holds workshops around calls of interest to you, attend them, speak at them, and chat to as many people as possible. Get noticed!
  • Monitor the websites. Funders either continually or periodically recruit for panels, so keep checking their news sections.
  • Win funding! By being successful, your reputation will open doors for you into the other side of research funding.

Right now, the Economic and Social Research Council is recruiting for its assessment panels. If your field is within its remit, why not check out the call and see whether you can get involved? Grants Assessment Panel appointments 2017 - Economic and Social Research Council


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