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10 April 2018

We want to help you get the most out of Research Professional, our tool for finding research funding. We'll give you some advice, and set you up to go on your own funding journey.

It's been over a year since I last blogged about Research Professional's (RP) functions, and a lot can happen in that time! For those of you new to ARU or new to RP, this post will be a quick introduction to the guides and help available in RP. These empower the ARU research community to find your own opportunities, and work out your own strategies for bidding.


RP is aware that, at first, its huge amounts of information can be a little overwhelming and hard to navigate. Two guides in particular will be very useful in ensuring you know the basics of the system: the quick start guide and the user guide. The user guide gives you everything you need to search the funding database in detail, and should help you find the perfect funding call.

Video tutorials

Try to make the most of RP's YouTube channel! As well as interesting clips such as debates on the future of higher education, the channel also features lots of tutorials. You can learn about searching and saving searchers, right up to creating calendars and magazines for your team.

Training sessions

An extensive list of broadcast training sessions is available for the RP membership. As RP say:

"Each session will provide an introduction to the Research Professional platform, demonstrate how to locate funding opportunities that match your interests and show how to set up email alerts to keep you informed of new developments."
Check out the list, and sign up!

What to do now

Log in to RP and familiarise yourself with its layout and searching tools. Find your profile if you can and check the correct interests are listed for you. Start searching and refining opportunities to understand the landscape of this world, and get in touch with RIDO if you need some help.

Also, do check out last year's blogs on some of the more advanced features of RP!


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