Trust your instincts


Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Economics, Finance and Law
Course: BSc (Hons) Banking and Finance
Category: Business

13 October 2020

Looking back at the time I made the decision to study banking, I vividly remember the pressure of 'deciding what I want to do for the rest of my life'. No easy feat for anyone. So what was it about Banking and Finance that won me over?

Choosing a degree course can be a hard decision for anyone, let alone for a jack-of-all-trades type of student like myself.

During high school I did best in subjects like maths and biology, but always was interested in economics and business, subjects I carried on studying as an International Baccalaureate Diploma student.

After three years I graduated and learned I was most interested in event management and hospitality, and sales. In the years to come, through volunteering experiences and part-time jobs, I developed these passions into skills. Yet when it came to deciding what I wanted to study further I was still unsure.

For some time I considered carrying on working full-time in sales, but my parents are keen on education and wouldn’t accept it. Under their positive pressure I then looked at choosing university degrees that would be exciting but challenging.

For some time I considered accounting, law and international business – all subjects related to the finance and business industry – but after months of debating and discussing with my mentors, family and friends we narrowed it down to banking and accounting. (It should be noted I put my love for event management to the side at the time as it seemed something I could do while, studying rather than doing a degree in it).

Finally, a degree in banking, focusing heavily on maths and learning how to manage money, seemed logical. I applied at ARU soon after seeing the list of modules and the wonderful campus location in Chelmsford. As an international student from Finland I was keen to move to a city or town that wasn’t too big and had a lot of greenery and walking paths. Chelmsford campus, being right next to a little river with the 'bunny paths' that connect the whole city, was perfect for me. I could comfortably be myself in this little city.

Nowadays, having completed the first two years of my studies and starting my third and final year, I have learned that regardless of what you decide to study, the university years are amazing personal growth opportunities. My parents were right to encourage me. Regardless of where I choose to work in the future, I have certainly gained experiences and friends for life here at ARU.

But most importantly, it’s made me realise how critical it is to look inwards and trust your own instinct when choosing a degree. Your future career will not be determined on one choice you made (picking a degree), but what you take from it will definitely shape and encourage it.

By studying hard, working harder and leaning into my passions I have become a better version of myself two years ago, and that’s what learning is all about.

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