Top tips for summer


Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Category: Student Ambassador

28 June 2017

The summer before university sounds a little daunting. Four months with no school or college and no one whinging at you to do your homework. But trust me, it will fly by. Here are my top tips for making the most of your months of freedom.

  • First and foremost, have fun! That’s what summer is for and you need to de-stress after working hard on your exams. The relief of them being over is one of the best feelings!
  • Get a job: being a business student is all about getting experience in the real business world, but whilst doing this you can save yourself some money ready to go to university, as you will need it, I promise! Make sure the job is something you enjoy, however, as you may end up doing it all summer long.
  • Volunteer: summer is the time to do something good for others, whether this is helping out in a local charity shop or getting your wellies on to help out on the village cabbage patch. All of these will give you that fab feeling inside that you’re actually doing some good - and may give you some business experience also. It’s something good to put on your CV and shows you as a rounded individual later in life.
  • Travel and make memories: this is the last summer you may spend with some of your friends before they all go off to live in different places; it’s also the time to go and see some of the world that you may have never seen before. Enjoy every day! Whether that’s through going on a lads' holiday or inter-railing around Europe, make it a summer to remember.
  • Keep your mind active: whether this is by reading or writing a blog for example, there’s no worse feeling than arriving to uni in September after not having even looked at a book all summer and ending up with a sore head! Try to find something that you enjoy and can keep you in the mindset so it’s easier to transition back into working in September.
  • Set yourself a challenge: something you want to have accomplished by the end of the summer, this will ensure you make the most of the few months; so many people will ask you what you did over the summer and if you have something interesting to say, it’s a good conversation starter and may win you some friends in September.
  • Get organised: make sure you know what’s going to happen on results day and that you’ve applied for accommodation etc, last minute panicking in September is never the way to go! As it gets to the end of summer start buying all the essentials to bring with you to university, whether it’s a potato masher or a pencil, there will be so much more to buy than you think and its best to start early, even if you do get moaned at by your parents for taking over the house (I used my brothers’ bedroom to store everything before I went, he wasn’t too happy!).
  • And finally, get excited: university is a once in a lifetime experience and will be nothing like you are used to but it’s definitely something to get excited for and be looking forward to over the summer!



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