Top tips for living with room mates


Category: Student Ambassador

12 September 2017

During your time at university, you are mostly likely to encounter a time where you find yourself sharing a house with another person.

If so, here are some tips to get the most out of this opportunity and end your tenancy in good terms.

  • Communication is key. When discussing matters that concern the house, it is best to discuss with your housemates before hand and come to an agreement together. When agreements are made, try your best to honour them, as long as they are reasonable. You’re all adults and shouldn't have to remind each other constantly of something you should've done. Do not be passive aggressive about it either; say what needs to be said : ).
  • Don’t loot your roommates food! It never seems like a problem until you come home from a long day of lectures hungry, and find your last sandwich gone. If you want some of your roommates food, just ask them. Most people are usually nice about it and will let you have it or ask you to repay the favour later on.
  • Clean up after yourselves. No one likes when you leave you leave your dirty dishes in the sink for a week until they grow mould. Don't be THAT guy. Plus, your definition of cleaning and someone else’s might be two different things. Make sure to specify exactly how you’ll be cleaning the house thereafter.
  • Be courteous and show gratitude where you can. Polite manners will create a positive vibe and set the tone of how you interact with your roommates.
  • Last but not least, interact with each other. Try to make an effort to communicating with your roommates. If you notice your roommate likes watching Netflix, why not suggest a movie night? If they like historical artifacts, why not suggest a trip to the local museum. 


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