Top reasons to attend a virtual Applicant Day


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Computing and Information Science
Course: BSc (Hons) Computer Science
Category: Student Ambassador

3 March 2021

A virtual Applicant Day is a really helpful opportunity for students and I strongly believe it can help you make the right decision about your uni. Even though it is virtual this year, here are all the reasons I know you'll still get a great experience at ARU.

1. Meeting lecturers, students and future course

You can have a chat with these people and get to know them. You want to study with people who you will enjoy spending time with and share similar interests. Take the time to get to know these people a little better and you will come away with a strong sense of the wonderful community and the people at ARU.

The lecturers are also aware that coming to university is an important decision, which is why they work really hard to provide future students with all the resources necessary to make the right decision – and join a university where they feel they will enjoy their time as well as excel.

2. Asking any questions about your course

You’re bound to have a question and this is the perfect opportunity to ask. It’s even easier in a virtual world because you can type your question rather than raise your hand – perfect if you’re shy! You might also find you get some extra pointers or tips from other people’s questions that will enable you to prepare for university in the best way possible.

At the last Applicant Day, my lecturers and I spoke in great detail with the applicants who attended about how the modules are delivered, what the assignments look like, and how you can study to get a first-class honours degree.

3. Student ambassadors (like me) are there too

I know how important the student perspective was to me, which is why I wanted to become a student ambassador. I get to work at the Applicant Day which means when you have a question that is about the student perspective, the lecturers will call on me to share my experience. This is the same across all the courses (not just my course, Computer Science), which means no matter what course you want to study, if you come to an Applicant Day you will get some insights into how students live and study.

4. Stay for a virtual campus tour

Last but not least, you will have the opportunity to join a guided virtual campus tour. I lead two tours during the last Applicant Day and, even though they run online, they have been very helpful for applicants, who said it felt like they were really visiting campus in my tours!

To improve the effectiveness, the tour can be specific to your campus and your faculty so that it is focused on the area you are more likely to spend time in. For instance, I run campus tours for students applying for courses belonging to the Faculty of Science and Engineering in Cambridge. I showed and talked about buildings like Compass House or the Science Centre, because this is where these students will attend their lectures and lab sessions. Naturally, I also introduced them to the general students’ area such as the ARU Students' Union and the Library. The students in my sessions said it was extremely helpful and interesting as they managed to see their future campus, come to life!

My top tip...

If you do have concerns or you are unsure about becoming a student, do not worry and talk to the student ambassadors!

Applicant Days at ARU

Applicant Days are subject-specific events for undergraduates, which offer you the opportunity to discover your chosen course in much more detail. If you've applied to study at ARU, we'll send you an invitation (though note that a few courses may not offer an Applicant Day). Check your email for details or contact us if you have questions.


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