Top 5 resources for BSc (Hons) Nursing degree


Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Nursing and Midwifery
Course: Mental Health Nursing BSc (Hons)
Category: Nursing and midwifery

16 May 2022

Naomi describes the resources they use most as a Nursing student.

As a Nursing student at ARU, we’re very lucky in the sense that a lot of the resources that you would normally need, like textbooks, we can access online. Likewise, any PowerPoints that have been covered in lectures, we can access through our Canvas site (which you will learn more about when starting at ARU.) This doesn’t mean that you can’t purchase the textbooks yourself if you prefer reading out of a book, but it’s just one extra material that we can access online or through the ARU Library to help with budgeting.

  1. One of the top resources that we use, especially when it comes to referencing in assignments, is the NHS Website itself as it is such a useful and reliable resource for not only researching conditions, but also treatments and medications. It’s also handy for both theory and assignments and when out on practice.
  2. Another extremely handy resource that we use a lot is the BNF/BNFC. This can be accessed online or as the app on your phone, which is extremely handy to be able to always have on hand. The BNF provides accurate and detailed information on all the medications you could need to research while studying as a student nurse. You can read about why the medication is prescribed, the dosages used, conditions it is used for, side effects from the medication etc. This can be a handy resource when out on placement to learn more about the medications your patients are receiving. 
  3. The NMC is a very important resource as a student nurse as this provides the codes of conduct that we have to follow, not only whilst we are a student, but also when we are qualified nurses. It provides a lot of information about rules, guidelines, and somewhere you can turn to if you’re unsure on a situation.
  4. One of the subjects that we cover under Nursing is Bioscience, as it is important for us to know and learn about the human body, its functions and how it works. One of the textbooks that can be extremely helpful with learning about Bioscience alongside the Canvas webpage is the Ross and Wilson books. These books have all the information you will need to help learn about Bioscience and helping you progress your knowledge and understanding not only for your exam, but it will also help with your practical knowledge when out on clinical placements.
  5. The fifth resource that is useful as a student nurse is the RCN (Royal College of Nursing). The RCN says that ‘We represent nurses, midwives, student nurses, health care assistants, assistant practitioners, nursing degree apprentices and trainee nursing associates across the UK’. You can register under the RCN for just £10 a year. Benefits of being registered as a student under the RCN are:
    • Learning resources which are available 24/7 online and 1-1 training
    • Careers guidance with telephone career and interview coaching and online resources for CV writing
    • Free confidential telephone counselling with our accredited therapists for work or personal challenges
    • Member discounts on 3,000 retailers, cinemas and mobile phone bills
    • Free support services for advice, representation and support for home or work issues

Naomi studies Mental Health Nursing with ARU in Chelmsford. If you're interested in this, or other courses, come along to an Open Day to find out more about studying with us.


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