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School: Engineering and the Built Environment
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9 December 2019

Ahad Ramezanpour

I like mechanical engineering because it’s limitless. Any product and anything around us includes design and material in solid or fluid form.

As a specialist in fluid dynamics, I am enthusiastic about researching in areas related to sustainability, renewable energies and energy efficiency. Making a small contribution towards tackling global warming is a positive challenge.

I completed my PhD at ARU and while I was involved with several research projects, I was teaching part-time, too.

Having experienced student life at ARU myself, I became a full-time academic to play a positive role in the development of the University and supporting students. As a post-1992 university, ARU is constantly evolving with new, modern campuses and digital technologies. I very much like to take up challenges and play a small role in this evolution.

As a mechanical engineer, I get involved in variety of research projects here, ranging from multi-national EU projects to individuals approaching me with ideas for research and commercialisation.

"[As an engineer] making a small contribution towards tackling global warming is a positive challenge."

I’m also a senior lecturer in the School of Engineering and the Built Environment. I lead the BEng and MEng Mechanical Engineering courses.

As well as being a course leader, I lead and teach several mechanical engineering modules. I supervise students’ major projects at BEng and MSc level, as well as several PhD research students.

As a course leader, I support students with a variety of course-related issues, including academic progress, timetabling, admissions, resources, and continuous improvements to the course curriculum. Hearing students’ voices and acting on feedback is the most important part of my role.

I recently had a message from a graduate thanking me for supervising his undergraduate project. He developed an interest in a particular topic, pursued the topic in the best university in Saudi Arabia with an MSc and is now completing a PhD. Events like this, and seeing students happily graduate, are the most joyful moments of my job. Making a positive impact on people’s lives is invaluable.

"I don’t see any limit on students’ learning. I convey the idea that the bar is as high as anyone likes to set it."

One of my comments to students entering the course is about them making the most of resources and staff and being proactive during their studies. I firmly believe people are able to do anything they want, and I don’t see any limit on students’ learning. I convey the idea that the bar is as high as anyone likes to set it. I have had students that have met me once or twice a week for a whole year for major project supervision and created exceptional major projects. The same applies to module assessments and extra-curricular activities.

Inclusivity is an important value at ARU. Taking students from wide range of backgrounds and experiences and nurturing diversity, helps to create a unique learning environment.

I would say to any student considering engineering: don’t underestimate yourself, think big and make the most of the opportunities available to you.

Dr Ahad Ramezanpour

Ahad teaches mechanical engineering at ARU: find out more about our undergraduate engineering degrees.



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