The Students' Union - what's it doing?


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Humanities and Social Sciences
Course: BA (Hons) English Literature
Category: Language, literature and media

11 September 2017

The Students’ Union is a great service, and something you should get to know. They are there for you, the student, and will help with all kinds of things. Here’s just some of what they offer!


The Students’ Union offers confidential student advice, separate to the University. This is where you can ask about anything from family fallouts, to problems with study, or any general problems you have. They are available to talk to you, and can signpost you to other people and services that might be able to help.

Course Representatives

The Students’ Union also works very closely with Course Reps. There is at least one for each course, and for each year of that course. They work with the students in their year group on their course to better the course and the teaching, and bring up any issues the students have at meetings. The Students’ Union offers guidance and training for the Course Reps, and is there if they need any help with anything. There’s also a free hoodie involved!


You can also sign up with the Volunteering Service with the Students’ Union. You can volunteer within the university, or around your city. There are many opportunities available, and these can make a great addition on your CV. You can talk to a Volunteering Officer about any questions you have.


The Students’ Union also sells university branded merchandise, like hoodies, which you can buy from the desk. You can buy this using your Books Plus funds, if you have enough left after textbooks and equipment.

The Students’ Union is a great service, and I recommend you familiarise yourself with what they have to offer, to make the most of your time at university!



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