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Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: BA (Hons) Architecture
Category: Architecture, building and construction

15 November 2017

I started studying architecture at ARU in 2015, having previously studied chemistry, biology, history and 3D design at A-level which wasn’t the ‘typical’ progression. I think I always knew I wanted to go into architecture or a similar profession but it wasn’t until I started at ARU that it became clear it was my passion.

My A-level choices have always supported me in my studies, being able to look at things from a new perspective as those skills I learnt were transferable and creative with a technical twist. I would argue there are no strict qualification types to go into architecture – just to be creative and passionate.

So far, the journey into architecture been incredibly varied from life drawings and model making to technical construction details and calculations.

Studio and design work has always been supported by one-to-one tutorials from University staff as well as regular guest lecturers including many professional architects from internationally successful practices. It has been a great experience to start to understand architecture and its place in everyday life and communities.

As part of being a student at ARU I’ve had the opportunity to start up ‘ARCH SOC’, aka the Architecture Society. We want to include all students from all courses in social events as well as interesting and challenging creative projects and competitions. Guest speakers, practice visits and days out are on the top of our list! It will be a great experience to get to know people from all courses and year groups to enjoy all that is intriguing about architecture and design.

By Megan, BA (Hons) Architecture student


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