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Electronic Engineering student Richa

Faculty:Science and Engineering

School:Engineering and the Built Environment

Course: BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering

Hi, I'm Richa, and I'm a first year BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering student at ARU. I chose to study here because I loved the sense of community and friendly environment I felt as soon as I stepped inside on my very first day at uni.

I love studying engineering because of the amount of machines and boards and softwares I have been introduced to, that I wouldn't have found out about otherwise. I also love how it overlaps with other subjects like audio and music technology, computer science and gaming technology.

I'm a creative person, and when I'm not working on assignments and practical’s I enjoy reading articles related to engineering, listening to music and also writing. From basic C programming to building robots, we engineers do it all and that’s something I love the most about my course.

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17 August 2018

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3 August 2018

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