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University student and blogger Ana

Faculty:Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

School:School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Course: BA (Hons) Politics

Hi everyone! I am Ana, a second year BA (Hons) Politics student. I am also a mature student, which is a very different experience than attending university in your 20s. Actually, I think it is an advantage. Knowledge and critical thinking are better developed, and they are essential when studying independently.

I am so thankful that ARU is allowing me to live this experience now when I thought my learning time was long gone. I am embracing it as much as I can, for good moments and for the stressful ones as well! You get everything here, but you learn to from all of them. But definitely the best decision I ever made!

I live near Cambridge; it makes it very convenient and easy for me to combine my 'adult' life with student life. And yes, definitely coming to ARU every day, being surrounded by knowledge, events and young people is making me feel more youthful and more active.

Studying politics is both hard and very interesting. It is the era of Brexit, Trump and mass social media; we are living in ever-changing times and it can be difficult to catch up. University is perfect when considering those issues.

I have a passion for society, solidarity and community. Studying politics is looking at how we organise ourselves, why, and different ways to see the world we live in. I will keep you posted about my journey.

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