#MondayMotivation: stress-buster tips


Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Engineering and the Built Environment
Course: BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering
Category: Engineering

26 March 2018

Preparing for exams and meeting pressing coursework deadlines can feel stressful; here are some of my tips to help keep calm, take time out and relax.

Theodore Roosevelt rightly said 'Believe you can and you’re halfway there', something we all need to practise in our lives.

Another weekend said goodbye to, and yet another Monday is here (ughhhh!). Don’t we all just love to hate Mondays? Monday brings in a new week and sometimes it can bring new stresses, too. You might be preparing for the dreaded exam period or finishing your coursework.

None of us enjoy stress, so why stress thinking about stress when we can find ways to keep this under control? Here are some of my tips.

1. Go for a walk

Fresh air opens up your mind and gives your body and mind a nice escape from the stress. When I was prepping up for my A-level exams I personally did this daily and trust me, it helps you out so much. When you get back to doing your studies, you get that motivation to do a lot more than you could have actually done earlier.

2. Listen to songs

This is yet another way of relaxing you body and mind. Sit in a corner, plug those earphones in, listen to your favourite hits and boom... 15 minutes and you get back to work feeling as fresh as a lily.

3. Dance it out

If you love dancing or even if you don’t, just do it. It’s the best stress buster and hence, tops the list. Dance helps you awaken your mind, refresh it and gives so much positivity; also it helps relax your muscles.

4. Eat and stay hydrated

Keep munching on those little meals and have lots and lots of water; this helps keep your body hydrated and mind functioning. Remember those extra vitamins and proteins will always help you focus more on study... so eat!

5. Sleep

Something we all tend to give less importance to. Sleep is an essential thing as this is the time frame where your brain gets to relax unlike the rest of the day where it’s all busy thinking about various different things under the sun. An eight-hour sleep is important so that your brain can function well.

Finally, whenever you feel nothing is going your way or as planned, just stop, close your eyes, take a deep breath, inhale, count to three, exhale and open your eyes – this time with a lot more motivation to achieve that goal.

Good luck with exams and I hope you get the uni of your choice!


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