Spring 2018


Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Allied Health
Course: BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science
Category: Allied and public health

28 June 2018

It is scary to think it has been over 2 years since I received my offer to study at ARU. In just another 12 months I will have finished my final block of placements and be adding the last comments to my undergraduate major project. Until then, I still have plenty of assignments still to write and examinations to sit.

It has been a good while since I last made a post so here is a little update all about my student paramedic life.

Firstly, I have completed our Pharmacology and Professional Role modules and have provisionally been awarded a first in both modules! I was very nervous about receiving my results for the Pharmacology module as the exam was challenging and aimed to stretch students’ knowledge and understanding of drug mechanics, interactions and administration. I am very glad that module is now complete, although I have to now admit that it has taught me a huge amount and has set me up with a great understanding of a whole range of primary and secondary care medications.

I’ve been continuing volunteering on the SOS bus in Chelmsford. This is a brilliant opportunity for me to be involved with my local community and use skills I have gained through my time on my course to benefit those around me.

In the 2018 Students' Union elections I stood for FMS Faculty Rep (Chelmsford) – and won! This is a huge privilege, I have absolutely loved being in this role over the last 12 months and I am really excited to continue it for the coming academic year. At our Students’ Union awards night, I was presented with Union Honours! For me, this has been an honour and I am so so pleased to have been recognised by fellow students to be involved in making a difference.

male student in Paramedic uniform and scrubs
Whilst on hospital placements, I was given the opportunity to work alongside a huge range of different clinicians with varying specialisms and interests. These include maternity, assessments units, community services, mental health, and critical care. My favourite aspect of these hospital placements was being able to speak to other healthcare professionals who didn’t necessarily understand the changing nature of the paramedic profession and the level of education we receive. I was somewhat surprised by the lack of understanding some clinicians had of paramedic practice, but I soon took to educating and explaining the training we receive. I worked with a fantastic Band 5 nurse whilst on my Critical Care placement – she was enthusiastic and showed great knowledge! It was lovely to feel a part of the team as she quickly got me involved in all aspects of ‘ward life’ and patient care from drawing up medications to assisting with personal care.

I also had the opportunity to go into surgery and practice my first every intubation! This advanced airway skill is one which many paramedics do not get the opportunity to often practice. I found that it differed somewhat from the practice I had previously had on the mannequins, as my patients mouth appeared smaller and their tongue was more difficult to manoeuvre around with the laryngoscope than I had anticipated. Importantly, with some assistance from the anaesthetist, I successfully intubated my first patient! Over the next few weeks I will be starting my final block of ambulance placements for year 2. I have been taught lots of new assessment skills since last being out on the road so I am really looking forward to getting back to seeing patients.

I will be back in a couple weeks to give you an update on my ambulance placement...stay tuned!


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