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20 December 2018

It might sound a bit odd talking about songs to listen to if you are an Education student, however they are a great resource for the classroom and let’s be honest everyone loves a good catchy song!

Whenever I think about songs in education, the first thing that comes to my mind is Hannah Montana, where she creates a song so she can learn the bones in the body for a school exam. If you are an Early Years educator, knowing nursery rhymes is essential as they are used repeatedly in the setting, as they are in Primary, where music and songs are used often as well.

There will be a few people who say 'well I know all nursery rhymes, I grew up listening to them'. Well I can say as a student who was not in the UK at ages 3 - 7, I was unaware of any nursery rhymes and I had to learn them all from scratch. Also, just because you remember some from when you were a child does not mean you know them all, or all of the new ones that have been introduced.

If I was to advise someone on the best Early Years Songs they would include:

Songs aimed at Primary Education;

  • This Little Light of Mine - songs they sing in Hymn practise
  • The Butterfly Song - songs they sing in Hymn practise (Catholic)
  • Times tables songs - especially 6 times table onwards
  • Solar System Work - to help students remember the planets.


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