What careers can social policy lead me to?

Mina Antwi

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course:BA (Hons) Social Policy
Category: Social sciences and social care

8 March 2018

Social policy is a course which opens doors to a wide variety of sectors. This could include career pathways such as third sector (charity) organisations, teacher, housing adviser, social worker, youth worker, probation officer, working for the NHS, or being a community advocate.

Download the document below to see more social policy careers:

social policy careers

Career routes are not limited to the ones shown on this document. There is a wide range of pathways you could potentially go into such as a social researcher, solicitor, social enterprise, public administration and many more. Some careers I mention will require further training.

Below are a few links I found useful. They show other potential career routes for social policy students.

My recommendations would be: do not limit your options to a specific route. Consider uncommon career pathways and those which may involve further studies like a Masters, PhD or advanced training and work. To find the best career option for you, start with you! It is a matter of discovering your interest in a particular area and working your way towards your desired career pathway.

I would also advise you to consider doing background research as early as possible (preferably towards the end of your first year, or in your second year of study) and then work out a way of getting involved. For example, through internships, work experience or voluntary experience in a particular field or sector.

Speak to the right people, too! People who are familiar with your sector, who can guide and advise you on getting there. This way not only will you gain valuable skills but also real-life experience and a sense of whether this particular route is for you. Start considering a career plan. Here is a link I found useful for career planning and guidance.

As the Chinese teacher Confucius once said: 'Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life'’.

In this case, choose a career you are passionate about, and embrace the journey of getting there.

In my next blogs, I will look at selected social policy careers more in details.


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