How to make the most of uni

Shahida Ali

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Life Sciences
Course: BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science
Category: Sciences nutritional and pharmaceutical

27 November 2014

Hello, ARU freshers, and a warm welcome back to all the returning students.

Hello, ARU freshers, and a warm welcome back to all the returning students.

The semester has started off with a bang and hopefully everything has started to fall into place for you all, both socially and academically – especially all the new faces buzzing around! Lovely to see the fresh energy of the new students on campus. Brings back good old memories.

I definitely remember being a fresher myself, feeling a little out of place during the first few days but settling in so quickly with the buzz of a new environment, and the first proper sense of freedom, being away from home for the first time. It’s so exciting meeting new people, joining clubs and societies, all the freshers’ nights out, and of course the cheap deals! Definitely the best year of your university life so make the most of it, guys!

Returning Biomed students: wow, it’s week three already, can you believe it? Time is really flying. It’s quite exciting but scary, too. Today was the previous biomed cohort’s graduation and this time next year, that will be us! We need to get through this year first though…

So I know we’re constantly being told this by everyone – lecturers, parents, peers etc – but it is true and probably will have the most impact and significance in this final year of our degreeL we have to stay organised. So yes, if it means we miss that episode of EastEnders or Top Gear to do some reading or write up our disso or to finish that essay, that’s what we have to do. It’ll be worth it in the end.

With our growing pile of assignments and the mammoth task of our 10,000-word dissertation (due in less than 32 weeks’ time, as Nick Pugh kindly reminded us, and which I am sure will come by closer than we would like), we should really try hard to save ourselves from the stress of last-minute hand-ins, laptop and technology failures. With exams not that far off, it’s really not worth the hassle or stress. Keep that positive thinking in mind though and we can plough through. Just imagine yourself in that grad-gown next year. That’s where we want to be.

Being our final year, we also need to stand out for when we leave and really make the most of this time. ARU has so many opportunities for us to expand our skills to build our CVs: Mission Botswana and Ukraine, various volunteering opportunities, the Employment Bureau, employability and CV workshops, Be Your Own Boss business seminars, Big Pitch/Little Pitch competitions, clubs and societies and the ‘give it a go’ social events hosted through the Students’ Union, the various student rep elections… the list goes on!

Seriously, try to get involved with whatever you can; it’ll only help us in the big world of work out there. Employers look for skills outside your studies too, so the more you can be involved with, the better chances you’ll have to get that job you want.

Just remember: stay organised, focused and happy and enjoy the little time we have left here in our last year here at ARU. There’s so many social things happening on and around campus too so definitely keep up to date with the SU website and Facebook or Twitter for updates. We all need to let our hair down sometime! All good stuff happening on campus and defo worth getting involved with.

Keep smiling and bring on semester 1!


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