Services available at ARU


15 June 2021

Here at ARU, there are a range of different services that can be so helpful for you when you need extra support. A lot of the time, many students don’t know where to go when they’re dealing with different issues so this blog is just to raise awareness of the services that might be able to help you if you ever should need it.

Employability and Careers

The employability and Careers department is here to help with your future career options providing support on the path that you want to take leaving university, as well as helping you to develop skills that you need to be ready for the work world.

They usually run events, such as CV support, help with securing work placements, internships, work experience and even support for start-up business ideas. Employability also can help you find part time job opportunities so that you can work alongside your studies.

Anglia Language Programme

This programme allows you to learn a new language and helps builds your skills and employability. The university offers a range of languages such as Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese or Japanese. You can study on campus in both Cambridge and Chelmsford.

Health and Wellbeing Services

The health and wellbeing services offer you free counselling, as a student at ARU. Services include one on one counselling, 20-minute drop ins, online workshops, resources and self-help guides.


Our chaplaincy is open to all students, regardless of beliefs. It offers a place that provides support through personal and spiritual issues that you might want to discuss.

Study Skills Plus

Study skills is available to all ARU students and can provide support for the academic side of your course. They proved help with writing skills, researching, organisation, referencing, numeracy skills, language skills and creating study groups.

Money Advice

This service can be a lifesaver to many students, especially if University is your first-time managing money. ARU’s money advice service offers all kinds of information and support regarding any difficulties or concern that you may have with money. They can help you with things like funding, budgeting, entitlement to welfare benefits, financial worries and even what to do if you can’t continue studying or can’t afford it anymore.

Disability support

If in your ARU application you disclose a disability, disability support will get in touch with you. They provide support for specific learning difficulties, ongoing medical conditions as well as mental health support.

They offer a range of support to help to make your studies manageable, for example exam and timetabling support, access to facilities you may need as well as specialist study skills support. 

Student’s Union

Our student's union does a lot more than just host fun events! Whilst that is a large part of what they do, the students union is also a space that supports you in making sure that your voice is heard.

It is student run and oversees all the societies, social events, and volunteering opportunities. If you want to get involved, campaign, make a change and have a say at what happens at your university then get involved with our SU!


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