#TuesdayTip: see if you can work with Parliament

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5 December 2017

We've discussed before on this blog about how you can generate greater interest in your research field, particularly in political circles. Perhaps most satisfying, and exciting, is to actually talk directly to our MPs and Peers.

We can let them know about breakthroughs or important trends taking place in your area. The question that usually follows that sort of conversation, however, is 'But how do I go about engaging with Parliament?'

Well, Parliament has just announced a new web hub, designed with exactly this purpose in mind. We're told:

"The hub answers three key questions:

  • What is Parliament interested in?
  • How does Parliament use research?
  • Why engage with Parliament?"

Academics from across the university should begin to investigate this resource, and understand how we can use it to get our messages right to the top levels of policy-making in the UK.


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