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Faculty:Science and Engineering


Course: MSc Clinical Child Psychology

Hi! My name is Aleksandra Dlugokencka, I am 25, and currently studying MSc Clinical Child Psychology at Anglia Ruskin. I am originally from Poland and have been living in the United Kingdom for over six years now. Studying here has been the best experience ever, so after the Bachelors degree and finishing my masters, I plan on staying and doing a PhD. I commute by bus twice a week, from a village nine miles away from Cambridge. Being a student taught me how to be efficient with my time, so I often use the bus journey to catch up on my reading :)

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12 March 2014

How many times have you needed to find your bank statement from last month or lecture notes for week 3 and it took you ages to go through piles of papers… you checked every drawer in your desk, every inch of your backpack, just to find it behind the desk a few hours later… Read more…

19 February 2014

Have you ever wondered what the experience of studying in a different language is like? Are you a bilingual or multilingual student who already knows all about it? Read more…

21 January 2014

It’s such a nice feeling of relief when all the deadlines and exams are over and you don’t have to do anything for another three weeks. I’ve already done doing nothing and slept until the afternoon for over a week now (and I’m really good at it!)… Read more…

9 December 2013

Almost the end of the first semester (and until all the Christmas excitement can really begin) and I’ve got so much to do: 3000 words essay, 1500 words essay, gigantic grant proposal, answer peer review and… I can’t even remember but there is definitely something else! Read more…


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