Our People: Sarah Brundle

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18 September 2017

Sarah Brundle

My name is Sarah and I work in the IT Services department here at ARU. I gather information on how people use our different IT systems, and what their business processes are, so that we can try and improve their experiences and work more efficiently.

I conduct workshops, interviews, observations (sitting with people whilst they are doing their job), and review existing documentation. Gathering this kind of information is necessary with new projects, software upgrades and enhancements to make sure the project achieves its objectives. A large part of my role requires me to liaise between the business and the developers to understand not only what is required but also what is possible to achieve.

I love interacting with the variety of different people across the university that I come across during the course of my job and understanding their different roles. There is great satisfaction in doing my job well and seeing the end product making staff and student lives better.

For me, working on the ASTRA project has been one of the most rewarding parts of my job. I was overseeing the whole project from a Business Analysis perspective. I produced and reviewed the documentation and took it to an approval group to be agreed. I’m also proud that I’ve achieved my BCS Business Analysis Diploma whilst working here. I had to balance my study and work and then take lots of exams! I’m really pleased to have been successful in achieving my diploma.

Through undertaking my research, I have learnt the most precious thing that you can do is to listen to someone properly. When you listen properly you don’t get swayed by first impressions and you hear the heart of what is being said.

ARU is a friendly place to be with great facilities for staff and students. There are excellent opportunities for training and ARU really helps in providing you the skills to do your job to the best of your ability.


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