Ruskin Module - March 2022

Category: Staff

11 March 2022

There’s a huge debate online in March 2022: Are there more wheels in the world than doors? With the discussion heating up online – trending on Twitter and TikTok, and picked up publications like the Telegraph – we thought we’d pose the question to some of our university staff.

Wooden door with bicycle parked beside it.

Our Ruskin Modules are all centred around original thinking and exploring current topics. So, we asked members of the Ruskin Module team to answer: Are there more wheels, or doors?

The results were mixed, and there were a lot more questions that arose from the conversation: Are these physical wheels? Can you count expressions within the English language? Is there ever a way to settle the argument?

Results: 75% chose wheels over doors. Here are some of the comments from the debate:

Answer: "Wheels by far; after all there are wheels within wheels, within wheels." Dr Toby Carter, Associate Prof., Life Sciences

Answer: “Wheels! Are wheels understood in more ways: ‘spin your wheels’, ‘cog in a wheel’, ‘got wheels’? Do wheels enable and doors divide?” Elaine Brown, Institutional Lead for Personal Development Tutoring and Ruskin Modules

Answer: "I've already checked the linguistic balance between wheels and doors (which would include idiomatic expressions and conceptual metaphors) and we're on a "door high" at present." Paul Driver, Director of Simulated Learning

Answer: “Doors don't have to be shut, opening doors can be new opportunities, or sliding doors... and maybe infinite parallel universes!” Emma Rolph, Project Manager Education

Answer: “Wheels are so important for going places – travelling! I was thinking of the importance in agriculture – all those tractor wheels involved in food production!” Dr Isobel Gowers, Associate Professor



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