RIDO news: introduction of new roles

Research and Innovation Development Office

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25 August 2017

During the latter part of 2017, the phased introduction of new members of the Research and Innovation Development Office (RIDO) will take place.

Specifically, ARU researchers will notice they will gain access to Partnerships Development Managers (PDMs).

RIDO says:

Partnership Development Managers support the formation of new partnerships and collaborations on behalf of the institution. Whilst they remain part of RIDO, each one is assigned to a faculty and represents the interests of that faculty in pursuing new opportunities for partnership and collaboration. They work closely with colleagues from RIDO and across the institution to exploit the research expertise of the faculty they are assigned to. In particular, the PDMs will develop collaborative research, contract research, knowledge transfer and consultancy opportunities that help each faculty achieve their objectives.

FHSCE's PDM is already in place, and working to get to know as many people from the faculty as possible. If you're from FHSCE and want to get to know external partners, such as companies or public bodies, get in touch! The PDMs will work together to improve links between faculties too, so it might be possible for members of other faculties to talk to FHSCE's PDM while we await the arrival of our other new PDMs.<


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