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2 April 2015

In a recent press release, Research Councils UK (RCUK) outlined their vision for future investment in UK research, titled Research, Innovate, Grow.

Professor Rick Rylance, Chair of RCUK, said:

"Strong, sustained investment in the UK research base is essential to strengthen and let fly the excellence, creativity and impact of the UK’s world leading researchers, innovators and businesses. Only by doing this will we be able to address the challenges facing our society today and create the opportunities for business growth in the future."

The full statement can be found on the RCUK website, but below is a list of major takeaways.

Going forward RCUK will:

  • shape a world-leading research base with strength across disciplines
  • accelerate innovation and impact from this excellent research base
  • collaborate and co-invest with Innovate UK and other partners in the research and innovation ecosystem
  • drive new multidisciplinary research programmes
  • work together to maximise impact and further drive efficiency.

RCUK is determined to build on this position through:

  • sustained long-term investment in the research base
  • leveraging the UK’s position at the centre of the global research network
  • realising the full potential of the UK innovation ecosystem.

What does this mean for researchers? When bidding, try to construct projects that collaborate across disciplines and sectors with maximal impact – and maybe you too can be a part of RCUK's vision.



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