RCUK and Researchfish update: it’s all coming up ORCiDs

Research and Innovation Development Office

Category: Research news

4 February 2016

RCUK recently confirmed that their application interface, Je-S (lovingly referred to as Jez by the ARU Research Services Team), will start collecting ORCiDs within the next three months.

Future Je-S plans include adding functionality for users to ‘write’ funding information to their ORCiD record, saving researchers' time and ensuring information is coming from an authoritative source. Researchfish has also started allowing users to move publication data to and from their ORCiD record into ResearchFish. This will be of huge benefit to researchers who are required to submit outcomes information about grants RCUK have funded.

Convinced yet? If you haven't obtained your iD and want to benefit from the above, do so now by heading over to the ORCiD website.



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