Publishing Better Science through Better Data 2016

Category: Research news

6 May 2016

Scientific Data and Springer Nature are partnering with Wellcome Trust to provide a full day of talks and demos, exploring issues in research data, focused on the needs of early career researchers.

Tickets for last year's ‘Publishing Better Science through Better Data’ sold out within 24 hours. The event had an audience from all walks of scientific life, both in person and joining in online.

This year's event will include advice on publishing and advancing careers, as well as good practice for data management and presentation. It will also feature tools and resources available to researchers to help them, and society, derive maximum benefit from research data. Speakers will include representatives from leading research organisations, journals, funding agencies and technology providers. The organisers will open a call for proposals for short “lightning” talks and demos from researchers and students – to present case studies of research data sharing, data reuse and associated tools in action.

The programme committee includes:

  • Mr Iain Hrynaszkiewicz - Programme Chair, Head of Data Publishing, Springer Nature
  • Mr David Carr - Policy Advisor, Wellcome Trust
  • Dr Fiona Reddington - Head of Population, Prevention & Behavioural Research Funding, Cancer Research UK
  • Dr Helke Hillebrand - Academic Coordinator, EICAT and Dean of Graduate Studies, EMBL
  • Dr Stuart Taylor - Publishing Director, Royal Society

Can’t wait for the call for session proposals? Please contact Iain Hrynaszkiewicz to discuss your idea.

To discuss sponsorship opportunities please contact the Scientific Data team.

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