#TuesdayTip: public engagement - learning from the experts

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9 May 2017

We've covered public engagement before, but this short post is a reminder to really give some thought about how to achieve useful results from the activity, and how it can benefit the wider world and your own careers to do so.

The Wellcome Trust has been digging into the question of public engagement over the last two weeks, particularly in light of comments made during the Brexit debate that the public no longer want to hear from experts. They've been gathering data and comments through their social media channels, as well as demonstrating myriad techniques for engaging effectively. They've had input from different audiences - scientists and researchers from many fields, and the general public - and have also been sharing their outputs so that we can all learn from what they've found.

Today's Tuesday Tip is simply to read through their Storify pages and their Twitter feed, and see what you can learn.

If you'd like any help engaging with the public around your own research, get in touch with RIDO!


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