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Faculty: Business and Law
Category: Business

9 April 2018

We’re a couple of weeks into the new semester and there's still time to change the course of your path onto better ways and habits.

The semesters are getting tougher and our schedules keep getting busier. There is no better time than now to prep for your success this term and make sure you achieve the grades you want to see. 

Give yourself the best chance to tip the odds in your favor. There has been a great amount of books and articles written on how to be successful and all of them state that the first step to success is planning towards a goal. Heidi Grant wrote a book called ‘Nine things successful people do differently’, and in that book she explained how planning can be beneficial as it puts you in a mentality to do, achieve and pursue. There is a difference between being productive and being busy. Break it down to specific detailed actions that put you closer to achieve your goal. 

After you set up a plan, start taking immediate action. You can battle procrastination by pencilling in a time to do small activities that help you achieve your overall goal. 

Next, pace yourself! Don't burn yourself out by week 5. Spread out your efforts consistently. Make small continuous improvements until you work at a productive rate you are happy with. There is a study that shows that people who take on too many goals at once end up not achieving any of the goals they set out. 

Most importantly, ask for help when you need to. You don't have to go at it all by yourself. 


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