#TuesdayTip: pick up the Slack in project management

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16 August 2016

Last week we told you about a handy online platform called Kudos, to help you communicate your research to to all of us regular Joes and Janes; this week we'd like to add another tool to your digital kit - Slack.

With the tag line of 'Be less busy', Slack is an excellent resource for research teams, departments, administrators, and managers to keep track of projects and communicate tasks without cluttering inboxes.

You can use the platform on your desktop and as a mobile app, making remote working a breeze and even allowing for those collecting data in the field to keep up-to-date with the rest of the team. Slack also integrates with many commonly used tools, such as Trello, Wunderlist, Google Calendar and Dropbox, and has fancy developer options that will help you create automatic reminders and monitor analytics and progress all in one place!

If you're interested in learning more about Slack or giving it a try in a technophobe-judgement-free zone, please feel free to reach out to Sarah Lamont in the ARU Research Services Team. Sarah is happy to create fake (or real!) project #channels with ARU research, academic and support staff, so we can all experiment with the tool and be less busy together.


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