Out of the ordinary


Faculty: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
School: School of Creative Industries
Course: BA (Hons) Film Production
Category: Language, literature and media

13 October 2020

Film and Television Production student Ronnie on directing, producing, and falling in love with 'magical' 16mm filmmaking.

Since I started my course in 2018, I have had a chance to learn and experience almost every aspect of filmmaking. I would never have thought that I would enjoy directing so much, especially being an introvert. But coming to ARU, I unveiled this part of me that I never knew – the part that wanted to be in charge, that wanted to make decisions, both logistic and artistic ones.

I had multiple opportunities to find myself performing the role of the director, but one of my favourite ones was during the Introduction to Film Production module, which is now a part of Advanced Screen Skills.

This module stood out from the others as it was a rare opportunity for us to work on 16mm film. I thought it was a challenge to work on a medium I have never even seen before, and that's why I decided to enrol in this module. I still remember when, just before one of our first classes, we had to put forward a proposal of the project. I was sitting outside the cinema room writing my idea down when it suddenly hit me. Two months later, my colleague and I were in a darkened RUS141, standing on a dolly track with an old-fashioned camera, making our film.

We created Expiration Date in two hours of filming and a couple of days of traditional editing on Steenbeck.

I’m grateful for this module because it made me realise that this older way of filmmaking is still very much alive and, I kid you not, kind of magical. There is something satisfying in seeing the fruit of your hard work weeks after you made it, with its unique feel and its imperfections.

This module is up to this day one of my favourites as it got me out of my comfort zone and let experience something out of the ordinary.

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