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I enjoy being around students, working in a vibrant and friendly environment. I feel like I can make the student experience better.

Lois Turner, Course Administrator

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5 August 2021

I remember my move-in day as if it were only yesterday. The excitement, the slight fear, the things that I did right and where I could have improved. These are the tips that I would share with anyone who is moving into housing or student accommodation this September. Read more…

2 December 2020

Before starting at ARU in Cambridge I was a Teacher of the Deaf, and I wanted to extend my knowledge and skills to learn about other disabilities. When I found my current role, as a Disability Adviser, I was very interested, and I’ve been able to learn a lot during my time here. Read more…

2 December 2020

As a Dyslexia Adviser working for ARU’s Disability and Dyslexia Advice Service, my job is really varied but revolves around supporting our students and offering guidance. Read more…

9 December 2019

I like mechanical engineering because it’s limitless. Any product and anything around us includes design and material in solid or fluid form. Read more…

6 December 2019

I didn’t know what civil engineering was when I first went to university. But once I started I never looked backed, I absolutely loved it. Read more…

3 December 2019

My name is Sharon Morein and I am a senior lecturer in the School of Psychology and Sport Science, where my job entails a great number of things. Read more…


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