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25 May 2017

We encourage you to take any opportunity to communicate with funders and become part of their network: once you're on their radar you'll become an important part of their strategic input!

We regularly link to opportunities to peer review research through this blog, and through our Twitter feed, as this is a great way to become more widely known in your field, to network across other fields, and to meet funders and industrialists.There are other ways to engage, though, and if they fit your profile you should seriously consider putting yourself forward.

Right now, we've picked-up on two exciting opportunities to become part of funders' advisory networks.

  1. The NIHR is recruiting a Commissioner for Mental Health in the form of a member of the Mental, Psychological and Occupational Health advisory panel. "These panels advise on the research agenda for the Health Technology Assessment programme based on the needs of the NHS." It's a rare chance to have direct input into the NHS and NIHR, and influence the health research landscape of the UK - get involved!
  2. The Natural Environment Research Council has opened a call for nominations to its Science Board. This is the key body that advises the Council on scientific matters, whereas the Council is the governing body of NERC. Obtaining a role on the Science Board gives you an exceptionally rare chance to engage with the very highest levels of decision making in environmental science, so if this is your field you really should investigate!


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