Opportunities to collaborate with Chinese partners

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11 January 2018

A news article on the UK Research Office page has alerted us to the fantastic range of funding opportunities coming up allowing UK researchers a chance to fund work involving Chinese partners.

UK Research and Innovation has published an extensive briefing highlighting the funding calls in which ARU researchers could be interested.

The briefing has come at an ideal time, as the EU-China co-funding mechanism has been recently renewed, giving direct opportunities in Horizon 2020. Opportunities are also available under 'International Cooporation Flagship Initiatives' which highlight specific areas in which EU-China collaboration couldlead to significant progress.

Calls include:

  • food safety across the agri-food chain
  • management of soil quality
  • sustainable urbanisation
  • biotechnologies.

Get in touch with RIDO if you want to talk about these or any of the other ways to work with Chinese colleagues.


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