Open Letter to Future ARU Business Students


Faculty: Business and Law
School: School of Management
Course: BSc (Hons) Business Management
Category: Student Ambassador

5 August 2021

Business Management student Sofia shares her advice for future ARU business students.

>I know you might be confused right now; you may not know what to expect from this point forward. Well don’t worry, that is completely normal, and you will get through it without any problem. Just to help you get there, I am here to give you some tips as well, so that together we will be able to get you ready for your first year with ARU!

First of all, I suggest you get acquired with the modules you are going to study. Since the first year is the same for all the business students, you have the amazing opportunity to really get to know the uni, campus, your course and potentially even change your degree for your second year. Just be truthful and honest with yourself.

In terms of things to remember and top tips, I would just say to enjoy your time at university. Do not let this opportunity slip through your fingers without having appreciated it enough. Get involved in all the activities you like, do not be afraid of meeting new people or do something new, out of your comfort zone. You do not know what the opportunity might bring you, it could change your life for the better.

If you work hard you will learn everything you need to know for your future career and employability.  Speaking of which, one of the best tips I can give you is to start thinking about your career from day 1. It is never too soon to do that. Embrace every opportunity the environment around you offers, first, second or third year. Go on placement and look up for summer internships. Volunteer and get small jobs to keep your CV developing. You’ll be glad you did that in the long run and it will demonstrate how you are a proactive individual, eager to keep learning and growing.

Finally, enjoy yourself while at university. Keep your motivation high by getting involved with other activities, from sports to societies. Collaborate with your peers and always ask when unsure. Do not let anything stop you and good luck!

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