Open Day tips from an Operating Department Practice student


Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Allied Health
Course: BSc (Hons) Operating Department Practice
Category: Allied and public health

27 September 2017

Attending a university open day can feel a bit overwhelming. What do I see first? Where do I go? Hopefully, I can help.

I’m a current student on the Operating Department Practice course here at ARU, and one of my faculty's Student Ambassadors.

I personally would recommend creating a list before you come of what you wish to get out of the day. Plan your visit around it. This should prevent you missing anything that is important to you.

Make sure you take a campus tour to familiar yourself with its facilities and location. Pop along to meet some of the academics, and take the opportunity to pick their brains on the course you are interested in. Don’t forget to speak to the ambassadors: they are all current students and can chat about the courses and student life.

Money, invariably, will be on your mind, so, make sure you attend one of the organised finance talks. ARU has some fantastic advisers to help eliminate the confusion and worries.

Let’s not forget to look at the various clubs and societies operating here and see what takes your fancy. There is something for everyone.

Then finally, speak to our Admissions Team about how to apply. I found it to be a very simple procedure once it was explained.

I’m sure you will find, like myself and thousands of others, ARU to be very welcoming. There is always lots going on and friendly faces everywhere.

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