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10 February 2014

At Anglia Ruksin University, the Deputy Vice Chancellor (Research, Scholarship and Development) has established a £50,000 annual fund to support ‘gold’ open access publishing costs.

Subject to the caveats below, including any additional refinements introduced as we gain experience with the scheme, this funding is available on a first-come-first-served basis.

The Anglia Ruskin Open Access Fund is primarily intended for the publication of research outputs for which no other funding support is available. Colleagues whose research was supported by research grant funding are expected to seek support for open access publication costs from their grant funder in the first instance, as well as to ensure that publication charges are accounted for, where possible, in research grant applications. Colleagues working collaboratively across different institutions are expected to ensure that APCs are also supported collaboratively.

The Anglia Ruskin Open Access Fund is available to all Anglia Ruskin academic staff eligible for submission to the Research Excellence Framework (REF).

Further information about open access is available on the Research, Development and Commercial Services website, as is the application form.

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