Change of roles

Oliver Cubitt

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
Course: BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science
Category: Allied and public health

4 April 2016

This weekend I have had some time off from uni, placement, and case study writing.

I spent all of Saturday in a muddy field in the rain, sheltering in a tepee, and occasionally rolling around in a puddle whilst screaming in pain and covered in fake blood. This was all part of an incident hike I helped run which was organised by the Cambridge Uni Scout and Guide Club. Since being in Cambridge, I have been asked to create challenging first aid scenarios for teams of scouts to be put through their paces on these hikes. This year’s scenario involved a challenging multi-casualty incident with 1 patient suffering an anaphylactic reaction, and the other heavily bleeding from a leg wound and complaining of neck pain. I am always impressed with the first aid provided on the whole by the scouts. I feel that if I were to actually injure myself that I would be in safe hands until an ambulance arrived (as long as they remember which way round an epi-pen goes, so as not to stab themselves with it!). It also makes a change to be on the patients’ side of treatment for once!

Taking part in events like this as well as regular weekly meetings with CUSAGC reminds me of the importance of having interests outside of uni and placement. While being out in the middle of the countryside in the cold, wet, and dark may not be to everyone’s taste, I highly recommend that all current or future student paramedics take up a hobby or sport, whatever that may be. This way you won’t get to the stage where your entire life is ‘paramedicing’. After all “all work and no play…”


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