Of Stupid Mistakes

Hera Mohsin

Faculty: Science and Engineering
School: Life Sciences
Course: BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science
Category: Sciences nutritional and pharmaceutical

11 December 2013

There is absolutely nothing more frustrating to me than making a stupid mistake on an exam – especially one which goes on to affect all the answers in that set of questions.

Stupid mistakes you had previously thought there was absolutely no chance of making, because you had never made that mistake, ever. I got back from my exam to the horrific realisation that I’d made the most stupidest, most basic mistakes possible. And my reaction was something along the lines of:
Caïn by Henri Vidal, Tuileries Garden, Paris, 1896. http://www.flickr.com/photos/proimos/4199675334/ (Alex E. Proimos)

Facepalm: the classic response to “Did that seriously just happen?

After spending a good portion of time revising all the trickier concepts and practicing all the equations, coming home to realise what a horrific mistake you’ve made tends to sour the rest of your evening.  The upside is, that university doesn’t really let you dwell on mistakes for too long, what with the three assessments, coursework, and two Computer Based Assessments (CBAs) lined up in the next two weeks. It’ll be Christmas in no time!


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