My first ever blog!

Nina Heidelmann

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
Course:BSc Nutrition
Category: Sciences nutritional and pharmaceutical

24 October 2016

This feels so surreal, I never imagined writing a blog, but what better way to share my thoughts and feelings about uni, everything around it and give you an insight into being a student. I am studying BSc Nutrition at the Chelmsford campus of ARU and so far, I love it. But today I would love to share my own experience of picking what to study.

To study nutrition was not a spontaneous idea. Okay, none of my ideas are (I tend to check the menu before going out for food to pick what to eat…talk about weird!). I went to school in Germany, where I grew up and all my family lives. There I got the great opportunity to ditch some of my less favourite subjects (such as physics and art) to do nutrition as well as business and economics instead. That was actually an easy decision as I loved the thought of learning more about food and how it is related to diseases. Throughout the three years I did nutrition, I noticed that it was a subject where I did not mind doing homework and actually found myself looking forward to class! So the decision of studying something regarding nutrition was made. For most people, this insight into the subject is not possible. But, if you are interested in the field of nutrition and want to widen your knowledge about relations between food and disease, food science, sports nutrition but also more basic things such as the body systems, then I think nutrition would be the right course for you! What helped me was doing some reading about the different types of job you can do afterwards and the variety of the whole nutrition field. There is the option of going into teaching, research but also working with people to become healthier so the options are pretty much endless!

Next time I would like to talk about picking ARU Chelmsford to study Nutrition over other universities and hopefully help you with your decision-making!



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