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21 February 2014

Nicola Faulkner is Student Experience Co-ordinator at Lord Ashcroft International Business School (LAIBS).

I am delighted to tell you about the fantastic night we had with our students at the LAIBS Hawaiian-themed Aloha party this February. The party was a huge success, with a turn-out of over 150; we handed out more than 100 flower leis and countless glasses of Blue Hawaiian. Now all I have been left with is one deflated palm tree sitting on my desk!

We welcomed our students with a free cocktail, leis and a coloured summer wristband. Then everyone was invited to get straight into boogying on the dance floor – and the dancing kept on going all night long!

I was very excited about the event, after allocating all the tickets and having demand for more in the run-up to the party, I eagerly awaited the night: How would the crowd like the surprise entertainment? Would anyone dress up in Hawaiian dress, grass skirts and floral shirts other than me?

LAIBS students – you did not disappoint! Everyone made a great effort and looked just fantastic in their Hawaiian-style sombreros, flowers, surfer shirts, grass skirts and summery dresses. You also got very creative with the balloons I left about: one of our Best Hawaiian Dress winners made a very imaginative hat out of balloons complete with paper umbrella – very festive.

I had a fantastic time getting to speak to you all and welcome you back. We had such a wide variety of students from all courses and years. That’s what the night was all about really, having a bit of fun with your classmates and getting to know your colleagues a bit more, as well as making some new friends. Many of our new January starters enjoyed speaking to September starters who on are on their course, too.

The highlight of the night for me, though, would have to be the Steel Invaders – our local, Cambridge-based steel band rocked! You know it’s a successful night and the guests are enjoying themselves when a band starts playing and EVERYONE in the room forms a giant conga line, which lasts an entire three songs.

Thank you to all who attended and made it such an enjoyable night. Special thanks to our Students’ Union, the Steel Invaders, our LAIBS student reps who helped out on the night, my colleagues in the Student Experience team and to all involved.

Aloha, LAIBS. And welcome (or welcome back) to university!



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