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17 January 2014

Nicola Faulkner is Student Experience Co-ordinator at Lord Ashcroft International Business School (LAIBS).

Happy New Year and welcome to the new LAIBS blog. I’m one of two Student Experience Coordinators, so many of you will already know me from events the SEC team have had over the last year. You may also recognise the name from my numerous emails! New Year’s resolution: fewer emails (more posts on the LAIBS Facebook page instead), and even more events for you to get involved in!

Our team brings you a programme of events and activities in Cambridge and Chelmsford which will support you in furthering your skills and enhancing your time at university. From your first day in Welcome to your graduation, I organise a variety of opportunities, competitions, guest speaker events and company visits which you can be involved in and learn from, adding to your skill set and experience and, importantly, to your CV. It’s getting more and more competitive in the world of work these days, so we at LAIBS hope that you not only achieve a valuable degree, but also gain opportunities that will really make you stand out from the crowd.

I wanted to mention activities coming up – such as our new LAIBS intern programme, national competitions like UBC and AB InBev, and our in-house Marketing Tournament – and say ‘Get involved!’ You can take part and put your studies into practice, work as a team with friends, and do something different!

Another fantastic way of having a great experience at university and adding to you CV is getting involved with a club or society. When I went to my first Fair Day, I saw a fencing stand, liked the idea of something different (and musketeers!) and seven years later I am still fencing and have not looked back.

So, Fair Day at Anglia Ruskin on 4 February should be very exciting! There will be a huge number of clubs and societies there, and really cool opportunities you may never have seen before – like cheerleading and American football or the Harry Potter Society. Joining clubs and societies at university is, I feel, beneficial in so many ways. You have a chance to get to know others on your course and in your university. You gain skills which can stand you in good stead later in life, and have a chance to get away from your studies and do something different a few times a week. Whatever your interest, don’t be afraid to have a chat on Fair Day and join in!

LAIBS students may like to know that I have enjoyed getting to know the Cambridge business society EBAC. They have some really exciting events happening this semester. I also recommend the GRLI society, who look at sustainability and how we, at university and in daily life, can help make a difference. They organised some fantastic events at Christmas so watch this space for semester 2! And for those of you who are student reps, or thinking of becoming reps, there is SU Rep Society, headed by some of our LAIBS reps.

Whether you are starting your first year or coming back for semester two of your final year, it is never too late to join a club, sign up for a LAIBS event or take part in a competition. It can be fun and worthwhile in so many ways. Feel free to chat to me about any of these or other opportunities you would like to be part of at / LAB 312.


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