New publishing campaign: Think. Check. Submit

Research and Innovation Development Office

Category: Research news

19 October 2015

Continuing on from our discussions of predatory publishing and the challenges of open access, we would like to direct attention to a new campaign called Think. Check. Submit.

Led by representatives from organisations across the industry - ALPSP, Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), INASP, the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM), ISSN, LIBER, OASPA, UKSG and individual publishers - the campaign will provide information for researchers about the criteria they should look for when selecting where to publish their research.

The volume of research output continues to grow and recent years have seen an increase in new publishing services and outlets. At the same time, we hear increasing stories of malpractice, or deceptive publishing, but little in the way of guidance exists when it comes to choosing a journal to publish in.

Campaign leaders believe that researchers will benefit from more information on what to consider when choosing where to publish, with the forum particularly directed toward early-career academics, and aimed to be accessible to those whose first language is not English, or who may not be aware of, or have access to, the full breadth of scholarly literature.

Think. Check. Submit. will take place over the coming months and include a website, supporting materials for authors, publishers, and librarians and social media feeds. Please visit the online hub.


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