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8 November 2016

Did you know that the European Court of Justice has overturned ‘safe harbour’ agreements? These govern the transfer of personal data to the United States. Why should you care?

Well, this ruling is pretty important when it comes to the collection of survey data through platforms such as Survey Monkey. Safe Harbour is expected to be replaced by Privacy Shield soon, but this is still in progress.

For UK-based research, if you wish to use a survey tool where data is stored either in the US or anywhere else outside the UK, you must ensure, to comply with the Data Protection Act (1998), that you make participants fully aware of this in the information sheet provided to them. You also need to ask them to refer to the site’s privacy statement.

To ensure you're following all the rules and won't be shipped off to data legislation prison, why not use Bristol Online Surveys (BOS)? BOS is an online survey tool designed for academic research, education and public sector organisations. It is fully compliant with UK data legislation, meets UK accessibility requirements, and you may well already be familiar with it because it is used by Anglia Ruskin University's HR Services to run surveys on the development sessions they run, and for student and staff surveys (the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES), Careers in Research Online Survey (CROS) and Principal Investigators and Researcher Leaders Survey (PIRLS), to name a few).

ARU has a BOS licence and therefore it is free for our staff and students to use. Please contact Tim Brooks in the Research and Innovation Development Office (RIDO) if you have any questions or would like to set up access!


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