The Education and Childhood Studies course so far

Onella Khan

Faculty: Health, Education, Medicine and Social Care
School: School of Education and Social Care
Course:BA (Hons) Education and Childhood Studies
Category: Education

17 July 2015

Hi, I’m Onella (Nelly) Khan, I come from Colchester and I have just finished my first year of Education and Childhood Studies.

I chose to come to Anglia Ruskin in Chelmsford rather than Cambridge because I wanted to be close to my family while I studied, but also be far enough away that I could learn to live independently.

I soon learnt that many of the other students on my course commuted to attend lessons, however I stick by my decision to live on campus as it has given me the freedom and experience of having to live on my own and not having my family to rely upon. It also meant that I had to motivate myself to complete my work rather than having my family constantly checking on my work progress.

My choice to come to Anglia Ruskin started when I attended an open day at their Cambridge campus. Prior to that I had attended an open day at Hertfordshire University but I felt it was not for me. I had gone to see about studying English or creative writing and as soon as I stepped into the building, I felt comfortable and the campus had a homely feel. Later on I decided that English was not for me, but rather I wanted to help young people through their education which I felt was a difficult time for me.

Since my last experience at Anglia Ruskin was so positive I decided to go back for another open day, but this time at their Chelmsford campus which was a lot closer to my home. I immediately fell in love with their education courses as they have no exams, which for me was a big plus. I actually found myself in a difficult situation of choosing between Education Studies and Education and Childhood Studies. Many would think that the courses are pretty much identical but they both have their own points.

I chose Education and Childhood Studies because I wanted to learn more about childhood and how schooling and diversity can affect childhood differently. I have enjoyed learning about many different learning theories, as I had no prior knowledge of any of them and I knew nothing of special schools that followed these theories. Only after starting this course and being able to relate course information to my own education was I able to open up and discuss my own past and education openly in front of people. I have never been one to talk during discussions in class but everyone made me feel that I could talk without the fear of being wrong or judged. Before, I was unsure of what I would learn from this course and saw it as just a gateway to becoming a teacher but it has been much more than that.

My original aim at the end of my three-year degree was to study more and become a primary school teacher, and I soon discovered that almost everyone else on my course had the same plan. However as my first year progressed, many lecturers and other staff members discussed with us that teaching is not the only path with Education and Childhood Studies. I am grateful for their support and guidance throughout my first year and for opening my eyes to new career paths. Even though my choices so far have been driven by primary education, I have decided to keep my mind open as I know by the end of my three years I may be heading for a completely different career than I had originally planned.


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